'PC-Welt' Poll Finds Large Usage Share for Mozilla-Based Browsers

Wednesday December 18th, 2002

The German magazine PC-Welt recently polled its readers to find out the most popular browser. The results are interesting: 33.7% of respondents use a Mozilla-based browser, with half of those choosing Mozilla itself (17.4%) and the rest going with Netscape 6.x (1.8%), Netscape 7.x (9.6%) or Phoenix (4.9%). This shows a large increase in the use of Mozilla-based browsers since the results of a similar poll were published last year. Internet Explorer is still the most popular browser overall with a 41.1% vote share.

Though the PC-Welt article is in German, a rough English translation is available courtesy of Google. Thanks to Hanno Boeck for the news.

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by durbacher

Thursday December 19th, 2002 5:13 AM

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Your first point is correct: the majority doesn't care about what browser they use while people who choose alternative browsers do that (mostly) deliberately. So the latter ones will be proud to show their decision in a poll.

But the last part... > arguments against Gecko-Browsers are always the same still true ones since ever: it's slow, it eats RAM > and it misses some key-features from Netscape 4.

Did you really mean Gecko or just *some* Gecko-based browsers like Mozilla and Netscape? K-meleon and IE5 use both around 11 MB of memory after visiting 2-3 sites according to Windows taskmanager. I'm not sure if more memory is used by IE because it is so strongly tied with the operating system. Is that so much?? Do you really want to say that K-meleon and Phoenix are slower than IE (or Opera)? And what are the missing key-features compared to Netscape 4? The Gecko rendering engine is sooo much better! E.g. what about CSS? What single thing did NS4 support that Gecko does not? Or did you mean browser features rather than Gecko features? A spellchecker for example??? (Hi, Mangelo!!) Well, Netscape 7 has it. What else?