'PC-Welt' Poll Finds Large Usage Share for Mozilla-Based Browsers

Wednesday December 18th, 2002

The German magazine PC-Welt recently polled its readers to find out the most popular browser. The results are interesting: 33.7% of respondents use a Mozilla-based browser, with half of those choosing Mozilla itself (17.4%) and the rest going with Netscape 6.x (1.8%), Netscape 7.x (9.6%) or Phoenix (4.9%). This shows a large increase in the use of Mozilla-based browsers since the results of a similar poll were published last year. Internet Explorer is still the most popular browser overall with a 41.1% vote share.

Though the PC-Welt article is in German, a rough English translation is available courtesy of Google. Thanks to Hanno Boeck for the news.

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by gbpa005

Thursday December 19th, 2002 3:48 AM

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Lol! That's really funny.

The problem with these polls lies in their lack of representativity. It's no surprise, that technically informed people don't use IE and switch to more secure browsers. The masses will most likely stick with IE, and these people make the biggest share of the internet community. Moreover this share is still rapidly increasing, as current polls indicate (f.e. news at

Are there any polls of american tech-magazines?

Most of my collegues at university still use Netscape 4.xx (mostly because I tell them little horror-tales of IE every week ;-)) and unfortunately can't decide to switch to Mozilla or Netscape 7.0. Alas, I myself have to use IE, because my machine is really a piece of junk (PI - 133 MHz, 64 MB) and Mozilla doesn't run smoothly.