Gecko Arrives!

Thursday December 10th, 1998

The Gecko Developer Release has been posted on Netscape's FTP server and can be downloaded here. This release is only for win32 platforms, and will expire in the same way that the nightly builds do. This release also includes talkback, which allows for tracking of bugs that crash the viewer. Other than that, it is quite similar to the nightly builds.

#23 Re:Gecko Arrives!

by Symbiant <>

Monday December 14th, 1998 5:54 AM

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This release of Gecko reminds me of the days when browsers use to load up in a couple of seconds instead of spending most of their time initializing stuff that i probably won't need or use any way. I hope they develop a better way to install plugins so that I don't have to shut down the browser ever time I install a new one.If they can keep Gecko to a size similar to Opera they'll win the browser war easily :).