Gecko Arrives!

Thursday December 10th, 1998

The Gecko Developer Release has been posted on Netscape's FTP server and can be downloaded here. This release is only for win32 platforms, and will expire in the same way that the nightly builds do. This release also includes talkback, which allows for tracking of bugs that crash the viewer. Other than that, it is quite similar to the nightly builds.

#19 can't get it to render slashdot

by Adam Rice

Sunday December 13th, 1998 10:04 PM

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Every time I go to slashdot it gets stuck after displaying the top bar. Pity, since with its glut of tables, slashdot makes a good browser speed-test.

Does anyone know of a Linux libc5 build of mozilla? I don't have the patience right now to upgrade to glibc2, and rebooting to Windows 95 to run mozilla is a depressing experience (was Win 95 ALWAYS this bad or have I been pampered by Linux for too long?)