Mozilla's Global Usage Share Now at 1.1 Percent

Monday December 16th, 2002

Tyrannosaurus Moz writes: "According to, Mozilla has achieved 1.1% usage, up 0.3% from 0.8% in September. If you count Netscape 7 as Mozilla (it is) then Mozilla-based browsers now control about 1.7% of the Web browser market." Internet Explorer is still the number one browser with a 95% usage share but Mozilla has now overtaken Opera as the third most popular browser, behind Netscape (all versions) with 3%.

#81 Opera rocks!

by roman

Wednesday December 18th, 2002 3:51 PM

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I have used all more or less mainstream browsers (Netscape, IE, Mozilla, and Opera), and I can tell you that Opera does not suck. It is actually much better than Mozilla. It is better on a slow machine and on a fast machine. And if paying were the only way to use Opera, I would. Fortunately, they have a free version with ads. But $39 is worth what Opera provides.

Here's a list of Opera's main features I like: - excellent speed; - excellent memory management -- much better than IE's or Mozilla's - numerous usability features.

If I could only get IE's ability to save html with images in one file in Opera and google bar, I wouldn't have a smallest reason to use any other browser.