Mozilla's Global Usage Share Now at 1.1 Percent

Monday December 16th, 2002

Tyrannosaurus Moz writes: "According to, Mozilla has achieved 1.1% usage, up 0.3% from 0.8% in September. If you count Netscape 7 as Mozilla (it is) then Mozilla-based browsers now control about 1.7% of the Web browser market." Internet Explorer is still the number one browser with a 95% usage share but Mozilla has now overtaken Opera as the third most popular browser, behind Netscape (all versions) with 3%.

#56 Re: well, I disagree

by mbrubeck

Tuesday December 17th, 2002 11:27 AM

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<i>I'm not at all convinced that Mozilla's growth will start to become linear.</i> <p> Well, it should be obvious that exponential growth is a bad model. Your "math" would predict a 150% market share within the next four years! Growth in a limited-population system is *never* modeled as an exponential curve except in a limited regime where the initial population is extremely small. You want to use something like the logistic model, which would account for necessary slowing of the growth rate.