Mozilla's Global Usage Share Now at 1.1 Percent

Monday December 16th, 2002

Tyrannosaurus Moz writes: "According to, Mozilla has achieved 1.1% usage, up 0.3% from 0.8% in September. If you count Netscape 7 as Mozilla (it is) then Mozilla-based browsers now control about 1.7% of the Web browser market." Internet Explorer is still the number one browser with a 95% usage share but Mozilla has now overtaken Opera as the third most popular browser, behind Netscape (all versions) with 3%.

#52 Re: Re: Re: Cool your jets, Sonny Jim

by macpeep

Tuesday December 17th, 2002 6:49 AM

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"It seems to me your complaint is with Netscape and not Mozilla but you'd like to change the way Mozilla does its work because you don't think you can't change the way Netscape does its work."

Well, kind of.. More exactly, my complaint is with Netscape (the end user product), but since the developers are (not all, but most) the same for Mozilla as for Netscape and the two are essentially the same thing (code wise and developer wise), it's just semantics to complain about Netscape and not Mozilla. Either way, it will be the same people with the same schedules working on them and the bug fixes will first find their way into Mozilla and then into the Netscape client.

"You're in no position to say who we are targeting or what we should be focused on."

I know this very well. I've said it before too that I know I have no saying in what should or shouldn't be focused on. My role in the whole Mozilla project is limited to exactly what we're doing right now - engage in coversations about the project(s) and their direction and problems. I'm not dictating or trying to dictate anything. I know very well that's not for me to do.

"If I had to pick between fixing a polish bug that would make you more happy with Mozilla Mail or fixing a bug that would help to get gecko embedded into a commercial product shipping to millions of users, let me tell you, that's not a difficult decision to make."

Obviously. But that's not the choice I'm talking about. I'm talking about the choice of "should we add Bayesian filters or polish up the UI?". Obviously fixing embedding bugs to get Gecko to power the next version of the AOL client is more important than Mozilla Mail UI polish. But not all engineers are working on the embedding issues and not all bug and feature work that goes on right now is about "crucial for large distribution" issues with schedules to meet.

Take one UI polish bug in itself and it is obviously totally trivial and a minor issue. But take 100 of them and it becomes an issue of UI quality, which is no longer so trivial. I know several people, including AOL employees, who refuse to switch to Mozilla Mail and keep running Netscape 4.x because of UI quality and functionality quirks. For me, it was the same way for a long time.

"If you're not offering good code then you're just wasting time with a bunch of useless kibitzing."

I beg to differ. This site is about advocacy and conversation regarding Mozilla. My comments and others in response to mine are exactly what this site is about.