Mozilla's Global Usage Share Now at 1.1 Percent

Monday December 16th, 2002

Tyrannosaurus Moz writes: "According to, Mozilla has achieved 1.1% usage, up 0.3% from 0.8% in September. If you count Netscape 7 as Mozilla (it is) then Mozilla-based browsers now control about 1.7% of the Web browser market." Internet Explorer is still the number one browser with a 95% usage share but Mozilla has now overtaken Opera as the third most popular browser, behind Netscape (all versions) with 3%.

#27 Cool your jets, Sonny Jim

by Kommet

Monday December 16th, 2002 3:11 PM

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"So Mozilla's denial about how UI quality etc. doesn't matter seems pretty sad in light of that..."

Are you claiming that the Mozilla team needs to suddenly decide "I guess we're developing end-user software!" just because they have a growing (fractional) marketshare? I certainly hope not, as that arguement wouldn't hold water.

It would be more correct to say "Despite Mozilla.Org's repeated statements to the contrary of its suitability, there is notable uptake of Mozilla (the browser-suite) as a piece of consumer-grade software." This better matches the facts, namely that Mozilla is not making a consumer-grade piece of sotware, but instead a FOUNDATION for consumer-grade software to be built upon.

I have to say that the tone of your comment "... seems pretty sad..." is awefully negative. Also, calling it a "denial" instead of a "statement" or an "explaination" carries negative connotations. Are you trying to shame Mozilla into changing it's focus, perhaps? Good luck if you are...