Classic Mac OS Builds of Mozilla Transitioning to Port Status

Sunday December 15th, 2002

MacSlash has an article about Mozilla dropping support for Mac OS 8 and 9. The Classic Mac OS build of Mozilla is being moved to port status (i.e. beginning with 1.3 Alpha, will not produce official builds of Mozilla for versions of Mac OS before X). If you're still using Mac OS 8 or 9 and have CarbonLib installed, you may be able to use MozillaCFM, the Carbonised build of Mozilla for Mac OS X. Information about this is available in the 1.3 Alpha Release Notes but note that we haven't tried this ourselves. Eventually, plans to only make FizzillaMach builds of Mozilla for Mac OS X. Microsoft has already stopped making new releases of Internet Explorer for versions of Mac OS before X.

#5 Why drop Mac OS 8 & 9 support-only 1 in 5 use OS X

by wighta

Tuesday December 17th, 2002 2:16 AM

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Why drop Mac OS 8 and 9 support when only 1 in 5 Mac users yet use OS X ?

Look at Apple's pr for the 2002 q4 results, <…/2002/oct/16earnings.html>, issued Oct. 16th 2002. In it, they expected to have 5 million OS X users by the end of 2002. But there are about 23 to 25 million Macs in use---hence 4 out of 5 are not OS X users yet. Indeed, Apple admit that so far 1 in 5 buyers of Macs, sold with OS X as the default OS, actually switch back to OS 9 as their default OS. And Apple has just postponed the end of internal drive Mac OS 9 booting on all new Macs until June 2003, see <…news/macos9education.html> and <> . As most people only adopt Mac OS X when it comes free with a new Mac, the rate of adoption is largely limited to the number of Macs sold each year of around 5 million new Macs. So it may well be that only just over half of all Mac users will be on OS X in 18 months from now.