Classic Mac OS Builds of Mozilla Transitioning to Port Status

Sunday December 15th, 2002

MacSlash has an article about Mozilla dropping support for Mac OS 8 and 9. The Classic Mac OS build of Mozilla is being moved to port status (i.e. beginning with 1.3 Alpha, will not produce official builds of Mozilla for versions of Mac OS before X). If you're still using Mac OS 8 or 9 and have CarbonLib installed, you may be able to use MozillaCFM, the Carbonised build of Mozilla for Mac OS X. Information about this is available in the 1.3 Alpha Release Notes but note that we haven't tried this ourselves. Eventually, plans to only make FizzillaMach builds of Mozilla for Mac OS X. Microsoft has already stopped making new releases of Internet Explorer for versions of Mac OS before X.

#2 Re: Would be nice to have in older osses

by Gerv

Monday December 16th, 2002 1:48 AM

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Windows95 support and MacOS 8/9 support are not remotely comparable. For a start, Windows95 doesn't need its own special build system which is a real pain to maintain. All you need to do to support Windows95 is to avoid a few APIs. Having said that, I imagine it'll break at some point in the next year and no-one will bother to fix it - which would be a shame. My copy of Windows is 95; I haven't paid the MS tax since then. And it still runs Counterstrike :-)

Of course, if you feel that Mozilla should still be produced for MacOS 8/9, would love you to step up to the plate and maintain it...