Classic Mac OS Builds of Mozilla Transitioning to Port Status

Sunday December 15th, 2002

MacSlash has an article about Mozilla dropping support for Mac OS 8 and 9. The Classic Mac OS build of Mozilla is being moved to port status (i.e. beginning with 1.3 Alpha, will not produce official builds of Mozilla for versions of Mac OS before X). If you're still using Mac OS 8 or 9 and have CarbonLib installed, you may be able to use MozillaCFM, the Carbonised build of Mozilla for Mac OS X. Information about this is available in the 1.3 Alpha Release Notes but note that we haven't tried this ourselves. Eventually, plans to only make FizzillaMach builds of Mozilla for Mac OS X. Microsoft has already stopped making new releases of Internet Explorer for versions of Mac OS before X.

#12 You guys are sellouts too

by tshunter <>

Sunday December 9th, 2007 9:32 PM

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The problem with the IT industries for a long time now is that about 90% of the industry itself wants to disinclude the minority users or systems (such as Mac OS 9.1-9.22, which I do use). This would be the equivalent of a White bonehead person saying that there are no longer any such thing as Pacific Islanders just because they are a small enough minority that they don't really even matter anyway. I just want to say that Mozilla has also now sold out to these bad ideas that have plagued the industry for about 15 years. You know what really sucks, is that websites now discrimate, and make it impossible for you to even see them if you can't afford or don't want to use the newest of the new every 6 months and throw out all the old shizok every six months also. Just want to say that Mozilla has joined the ranks of bonehead naziism in IT Industries. The recycling plants and trash dumps are filled with computers that could otherwise be useful in this world. CONGRATULATIONS BONEHEADS!

T.S. Hunter 12/9/2007

P.S. For Mac OS 9.x, Mozilla 1.31 (Wamcom) runs better and works better with the internet than iCab 3.x (surprise to developers) or MSIE 5.17 (which is mostly only good for hard-connects and where 1.31 fails). I really do wish that someone who cares would develop a fully functional build of Mozilla for Mac OS 9.x at least every 5 years.

P.P.S. Steve Jobs needs to be ousted and go back to NeXt, replaced by Steve Wozniak. Bah Humbug!