Mozilla Browser of Choice for Playboy Lifestyle

Saturday December 14th, 2002

I Read The Articles writes: "The January 2003 (print) edition of Playboy has a glowing review of Mozilla in its Living Online section on page 36. It starts: 'Microsoft's Internet Explorer is the most popular browser in the world. But it's not the best. That title belongs to Mozilla...' If you were waiting for an excuse to go buy Playboy, now's your chance."

#16 Sure he can be, and for many reasons.

by jesusX <>

Sunday December 15th, 2002 8:35 PM

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It's great when you're 15 and want to see b00bies, but after that, you realize that's it's really just crap. Airbrushed/edited to hell and back, all the girls look a like (right down to the fake blonde hair 70% of them have), puerile jokes, fluff articles, etc. If you like breast implants, then it's your magazine. If you want thought provoking articles that are controversial, look elsewhere (Time, NewsWeek, even FHM has good articles). If you want a sex magazine, look elsewhere. Substantial, Playboy is not.

If you're averse to it for social, political, philosophical, or religious/moral reasons, that's a built-in way out. They carried a short story by my favorite author a couple years ago. I wasn't about to reward that stack of pablum for making a single decent choice, so I waited till I could find it elsewhere. We can do the same for this Mozilla article. (As it turned out, the story was crap too...)