Mozilla 1.3 Alpha Released

Friday December 13th, 2002

Mozilla 1.3 Alpha is out! This release introduces shedloads of new Mail & Newsgroups features (including Bayesian spam classification, message views and improved filtering), a new Bookmarks Quick Search bar (similar to the one found in Phoenix) and support for the Back and Forward buttons on the IntelliMouse Explorer. There's also improvements to the DOM Inspector and lots of other bug fixes. However, remember that this is only an alpha release, so expect bugs.

Builds are available from's Releases Page or directly from the FTP site. Check out the Release Notes for more info.

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by plwong

Saturday December 14th, 2002 11:43 AM

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Mozilla is now reasonably (if not very) stable even for its nightly builds (which I download once a day in office..). But optimization of speed is very important. I've been trying to convince some friends to use Mozilla/Phoenix. But after they try it, most of their answer is that Mozilla 1.3 and Phoenix 0.5 is just too slow as compare to IE. They say they'll consider switching only if it's as fast as IE. There's certainly many people who care about speed much more than features becasue they don't use those features....