Mozilla 1.3 Alpha Released

Friday December 13th, 2002

Mozilla 1.3 Alpha is out! This release introduces shedloads of new Mail & Newsgroups features (including Bayesian spam classification, message views and improved filtering), a new Bookmarks Quick Search bar (similar to the one found in Phoenix) and support for the Back and Forward buttons on the IntelliMouse Explorer. There's also improvements to the DOM Inspector and lots of other bug fixes. However, remember that this is only an alpha release, so expect bugs.

Builds are available from's Releases Page or directly from the FTP site. Check out the Release Notes for more info.

#2 More bloat

by kinnu

Saturday December 14th, 2002 3:48 AM

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I know lots of people crave spam filtering and all kind of other cool new stuff, but lately I've been starting to feel Mozilla isn't as polished as it was say back in 1.1. Emphasis of development is in adding new features, not in fixing existing bugs. There is big pile of bugs (and by bugs I mean bugs, not RFEs) that really should have been fixed months or even years ago, yet nobody seems to be working on them. Don't get me wrong, I do like some/many of the new features but they tend to be only 95% complete when introduced, and they are never given that final polish to make them 100% functional. Take tabbed browsing for example, a wonderful feature but it's still riddled with small but annoying bugs.

Mozilla needs a cleanup & fixup release sometime in the not so distant future, say 1.5.