Building Mozilla Without MFC

Thursday December 10th, 1998

Philip Kromer writes in with this news currently residing in the newlayout newsgroup. Philip writes, "Win32 build instructions - the full story. - from netscape.public.mozilla.layout. Richard Matthias has posted nice instructions on building Mozilla WITHOUT Micro!@#$ compilers.

He describes the tools you need (and where to get them) and the config files to make."

#1 Re:Building Mozilla Without MFC

by David Fiddes

Friday December 11th, 1998 3:46 AM

Is it just me or do these instructions just describe how to set things up to build using MSVC 6...

As far as I know there never has been a dependancy on MFC in NG Layout only in the old WinFE.

The only thing that is holding back building SeaMonkey using a non-MS compiler is makefile issues. Autoconf really needs adjusted so it recognises the existance of Windows compilers and that it should be building the windows rather than X11 platform specific stuff.

Being neither an automake or nmake guru I'm kindoff stuck as to where to start...

#2 Re:

by Richard Matthias

Monday December 14th, 1998 12:28 PM

Sorry if there was any confusion caused by my post. The instructions I posted were just to clear up problems some people were having building NGLayout on Windows with MSVC.

As an aside I am working on a scheme to build NGlayout on win32 with MSVC, but it is vapour at the moment.