CNET Notices Netscape 7.01

Friday December 13th, 2002

fondacio writes: "Three days after its release, CNET has an article about Netscape 7.01, mainly focusing on the decision to include the pop-up blocker this time, which was the main point of criticism in their original review." MacCentral published an article about the release a few days ago.

UPDATE! also has an report about Netscape's pop-up blocking abilities. There's a similar article at

#6 Plugin Manger vs Click-Thru

by Ark42

Friday December 13th, 2002 12:31 PM

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blacklisting/whitelisting domains or IPs for plugins seems relatively easy to program, but that doesnt do a think about click-thrus where you cant get to any content without finding the No Thanks button down at the bottom someplace to continue to the next page. Mozilla needs a way to fetch the click-thru page, locate the URL of the real content that follows, and then fetch that page, without ever fetching any images or other junk on the click-thru page, or even beginning to render it. That seems magical from a programming standpoint, however, so much less likely to happen :(