John Dvorak Uses Mozilla

Thursday December 12th, 2002

Michael Grant writes: "John Dvorak of PC Magazine has written a favorable article praising Mozilla. He says it is the browser he now uses." Referring to Internet Explorer, Dvorak says that "Microsoft has simply dropped the ball." He also highlights Opera as a high-quality browser.

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by morg

Friday December 13th, 2002 1:40 AM

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It's just my opinion, but I don't think Microsoft can technically improve upon their existing IE codebase to match Mozilla. There's too much cruft in the code they've got. I think they will have to start from scratch, like Mozilla did 4 years ago.

As the Internet inexorably moves farther and farther down the road of XML and the new generation technologies, IE will be less and less able to hold market share.

The future belongs to Mozilla.