John Dvorak Uses Mozilla

Thursday December 12th, 2002

Michael Grant writes: "John Dvorak of PC Magazine has written a favorable article praising Mozilla. He says it is the browser he now uses." Referring to Internet Explorer, Dvorak says that "Microsoft has simply dropped the ball." He also highlights Opera as a high-quality browser.

#5 Dvork 85% for Mozilla, but still 15% in Opera

by DeepFreeze3

Thursday December 12th, 2002 11:58 PM

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The article came out a couple of weeks ago. If anybody can get those critics to shut up about Geko-based browsers not being up to par with IE, it'd be John Dvork. He isn't on any side but his own, it damn honest & tells it like it is. Glad to see he's not on Microsoft's side. Did he rip them a couple of new ones, or what???!!! HA, HA!!! Who says the written word isn't mighter than the sword? He needs to stop dabbling in Opera, and come over to the Mozilla side. He'd be much happier than he is now if he did.

PS: Did anybody even watch TechTV?