NGLayout/Gecko Demos

Wednesday December 9th, 1998

A great new site called Gecko's Realm has opened up with lots of great demos ready for you to use with Gecko or the nightly builds. Also available are's demos located here.

It is recommended that you wait for tonight's (12/10) builds, as yesterday's builds have a table bug, which should be fixed in tonight's release.

#1 Re:NGLayout/Gecko

by Jedbro

Thursday December 10th, 1998 10:21 AM

I was reading up on <a href="">ZDNet</a> that the Gecko engine will be used in future releases of ICQ.

How will that work? Would ICQ 2000 basicly be a web browser with communication capabilities?

Sounds compelling, but also cunfusing.

Also Neoplanet will be using it too! Sounds like Netscape is finaly getting a leep on Microsoft.

"Among the first developers planning to use Gecko: America Online Inc., Saito says, plans to use the browsing engine in the next version of the instantmessaging and chat software used by the 22 million users of its ICQ service. "