Mozilla's Scott Collins on TechTV

Wednesday December 11th, 2002

Mozilla Technical Evangelist Scott Collins was interviewed on the December 3rd edition of The Screen Savers on US cable channel TechTV. In the segment (available for viewing online), Scott gives demonstrations of the PrefBar, Chimera and MozBlog. He also talks about the early days of Netscape and why people should care about Mozilla. In addition to the interview, TechTV have also published article by Myk Melez about creating Mozilla extensions on their website.

#8 Why Mozilla is a better choice than IE . . .

by DJGM2002

Thursday December 12th, 2002 12:49 AM

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If I'd been asked for a good reason why it's advisable to switch to a Mozilla based browser from Internet Explorer, I'd have said that aside from the excellent compliance to recommended web standards, my reason for switching would be primarily based on security. The fact that IE contains numerous security vulnerabilities that have been left unpatched for many months, and that any security vulns that appear in any Mozilla based browsers get fixed within a couple of days after they're discovered. I would have asked the interviewer whether he really like the idea of a hopelessly insecure browser irrevocably intertwined with his computer's operating system, therefore posing the very real risk of compromising the safety and security, of the entire PC.