Mozilla's Scott Collins on TechTV

Wednesday December 11th, 2002

Mozilla Technical Evangelist Scott Collins was interviewed on the December 3rd edition of The Screen Savers on US cable channel TechTV. In the segment (available for viewing online), Scott gives demonstrations of the PrefBar, Chimera and MozBlog. He also talks about the early days of Netscape and why people should care about Mozilla. In addition to the interview, TechTV have also published article by Myk Melez about creating Mozilla extensions on their website.

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by rwc

Wednesday December 11th, 2002 8:04 PM

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Interviewer: "I've been playing around with Mozilla, I still play around with Netscape...For some reason it's a little slower - when I'm loading a page or somthing like that it's kind of like the difference switching the TV in analog or digital cable, there's that little pause...what's going on there and why should I switch over to Mozilla if I'm currently an Internet Explorer user."

Scott: "I think you should switch over to Mozilla because you don't want it to be the world where Microsoft controls your Internet experience. I mean once all of the browsers are dead and they start charging, you and I will be in the business of selling farm equipment."

This is like asking for a cup of coffee and getting a cow. No, that would be too relevant - you might have wanted milk in your coffee. Of course this kind of answer is a great strategy to avoid all those nasty end-users that Mozilla isn't meant for.

"You should switch to Mozilla because it embraces and implements Web standards, scorning proprietary abominations such as <layer>, <blink> [tongue in cheek], and document.all. Mozilla heralds the new Internet era where Web developers can write pages once and have it work in any browser...once Internet Explorer catches up to us (and everyone trashes their Netscape browser)."

Well, maybe this is over the top but probably still better than the threat of having to sell farm equipment if you don't switch to Mozilla...