Mozilla's Scott Collins on TechTV

Wednesday December 11th, 2002

Mozilla Technical Evangelist Scott Collins was interviewed on the December 3rd edition of The Screen Savers on US cable channel TechTV. In the segment (available for viewing online), Scott gives demonstrations of the PrefBar, Chimera and MozBlog. He also talks about the early days of Netscape and why people should care about Mozilla. In addition to the interview, TechTV have also published article by Myk Melez about creating Mozilla extensions on their website.

#2 TechTV Media works correctly only on windows:(

by PaulB <>

Wednesday December 11th, 2002 6:35 PM

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In order to get the media clip to play, since it is embeded WMF you need to display the source code and locate the url for the media stream. BTW I am using MacOS X. (<rant>I hate this format, and TechTV should know better than format their media in such a manner that you require IE since all WMF plugins for other platforms do not handle embeded WMF correctly</rant>)

Anyway Scott Colins did demonstate Mozilla on MacOS X :) . He claims it was a mistake for Netscape to release an update to 4.x (since the code was mostly finished) and instead took the track to develope a browser based off Gecko. He stated that this let Microsoft take the marketshare away from Netscape. (I am not sure if Scott (if pressed further) that Netscape made a mistake by not releasing an update to 4.x, since the code was almost complete and then begin working on a Gecko browser, or if he meant that Netscape should never have abandoned the 4.x code line in favour of Gecko) Anyway I am unsure how Scott feels about the abandonment of the 4.x code other than that by not releasing an update to this code (a 5.x line) Netscape blundered and lost a lot of browser loyalty to Microsoft.

I do not totally agree with his assement. Yes some of the loss of browser market share can be attrtributed to the lack of a timely update to the 4.x line. He is correct in accepting this responsbibliltiy on behave of Netscape. This is something Netscape could do control and do something about. This is fault and IN HINDSIGHT could have been habdled better, even if eventually Netscape did migrate to Gecko.

Now here is the part of the assessment I believe is the major reason Netscape lost browser share to Microsoft. The failure by Netscape in providing a timely update to its 4.x line before worrying about the Gecko based browser had less impact on the browser market share than Microsoft's embeding/comingling of its browser code with that of its Windows OS. Most people today, let alone 2 years ago, are still on dialup. How many users will bother downloading an different or alternete browser on their new machine when the one already installed (namely IE) sorta already works. [Oh how I wish Microsoft had been properly sentenced by the courts and ordered to remove all embeded/comingled code by the courts. The sad thing is that the courts have never realized how much power leaving the embeded code in the OS gives Microsoft to act as an illegal monopololist. The courts believe it has stripped microsoft of its illegal monopolist tactics when the took away the desktop short cuts. If the judge believes this, then maybe I should visit her and see if she would like to buy a bridge from me. :) ]