Netscape 7.01 Released with Pop-up Blocker

Tuesday December 10th, 2002

Netscape has updated its flagship browser to version 7.01. This latest release is based on Mozilla 1.0.2 and combines several bug fixes with a couple of new features. The most notable of these is a sophisticated pop-up blocker (accessible from Edit > Preferences > Privacy & Security > Popup Window Controls). Also new in this release is an option to set a group of tabs as your home page.

Netscape 7.01 is available as a free download or on CD-ROM. More details can be found at Netscape Browser Central or in the updated Release Notes.

#63 Is "prefs" the JScript Script File?

by DeepFreeze3

Thursday December 12th, 2002 1:48 AM

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Did you see that message? It said something like "Disabling popups for these web sites might make them not work correctly". What a bunch of bullsh*t!! That stuff was the first thing I erased.