Netscape 7.01 Released with Pop-up Blocker

Tuesday December 10th, 2002

Netscape has updated its flagship browser to version 7.01. This latest release is based on Mozilla 1.0.2 and combines several bug fixes with a couple of new features. The most notable of these is a sophisticated pop-up blocker (accessible from Edit > Preferences > Privacy & Security > Popup Window Controls). Also new in this release is an option to set a group of tabs as your home page.

Netscape 7.01 is available as a free download or on CD-ROM. More details can be found at Netscape Browser Central or in the updated Release Notes.

#38 corporate users

by amutch

Tuesday December 10th, 2002 7:28 PM

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Contrary to what you said about corporate support, Netscape was very good in that regard. That's why 4.x versions are still be upgraded and supported despite most everyone here has written them off. If bugs are in Bugzilla about corporate issues, I would say that's more a reflection of Mozilla's focus than Netscape's.