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Tuesday December 8th, 1998

You read right, XPViewer is going to slowly be put to rest this month, and that can only mean good things. For those of you who didn't know this, XPViewer was never intended to be a released product, but just proof that a shell could be made around NGL. The XPApps group is now cooking up what will be the front end, and it will slowly become functional in the builds. The XPAFE will hopefully have all the functionality that MozClassic had and more.

Also, if you downloaded yesterday's win32 builds, note that the first hint of what bookmarks will look like appeared in viewer.exe under File>Test Widgets>Tree View.

Update! Steven Clark posted a quick history of Raptor/Gecko/NGLayout to the newsgroups, and I have posted it up here for you to read.

#1 Re:XPViewer is dead

by graphics man

Tuesday December 8th, 1998 12:04 PM

update the screenshots please.

#2 Re:XPViewer is Dead

by Travis Emslander

Sunday December 13th, 1998 12:35 PM

So, is this going to look totally different, or are they just going to go with the same look that xpviewer had?