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Saturday December 7th, 2002

Asa Dotzler has posted a newsgroup message about the forthcoming Mozilla 1.3 Alpha release. It includes details about the number of bugs fixed and explains how to nominate a bug as a 1.3 Alpha blocker.

#5 Re: classic borders

by Ascaris <>

Monday December 9th, 2002 2:21 AM

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I noticed that too, though I did not care for the new status bar look. These changes are not within the theme itself-- I do not know enough about Mozilla to know where they come from, but they are not in the theme... the same theme that looked okay on the 11-28 build has these little glitches on the newest builds.

Another error is that the progress bars, in downloads for example, are not "sunken in" like they should be. Also, in MailNews, the tree column headers have a heavy black line above them.

If you delete the -moz-appearance tags in the .css files inside the classic.jar, these changes go away. I have a modified version of classic I use (looks almost exactly like Classic when icons+pictures are selected), and I have put it back to the way it was a week ago. You can see my meager Mozilla page and install my theme at <>.