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Friday December 6th, 2002

A XUL version of the Bugzilla duplicates report that doesn't require you to mess with your security settings is now available. Using a split-pane interface similiar to the one found in Mail & Newsgroups, the report not only lists the most frequently reported bugs but also supports updating the view of the data on the fly. A XUL-enabled browser is required and you'll need to grant the script enhanced privileges for it to work. The data can take a few seconds to load, so be patient if nothing seems to be happening at first. See the newsgroup message for more details.

#8 Re: Now will all scripts from AOL be accepted?

by eiseli

Saturday December 7th, 2002 6:56 AM

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Locate the following two lines in your prefs.js while your browser is closed and delete them:

user_pref("capability.principal.certificate.p0.granted", "UniversalXPConnect"); user_pref("", "72:39:8D:54:A7:8C:17:90:37:8B:D3:7D:7D:0C:87:C5:C9:C4:55:E1");