Delivering Rich Web-based Applications with Mozilla

Wednesday December 4th, 2002

Andy Cavatorta writes: "Mozilla can be used to deliver rich stand-alone applications as easily as you can deliver documents. And I brought proof!

"My example is a client program that generates and manages a rich GUI, processes data, and communicates with the server in the background. There's even some server push and snap-in code libraries. And it's all W3C compliant. Proof of the power of the lizard!"

Andy's application is an email client called Nervemail which runs entirely in a browser. It allows you to set up multiple POP3 mail accounts and then access your messages through a Web-based GUI. A demo is available on the site. If you decide to set up an account, remember that the application is still in the alpha stage of development, so don't rely on it for anything important. You'll probably want to check the 'leave mail on server' box for each of your POP3 accounts (in Edit > Options) so that you can still collect your mail with your regular email client.

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by grayrest

Thursday December 5th, 2002 10:39 PM

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radius is actually in the working draft for CSS3. I'd prefer to push for the ability to write text vertically (take it and rotate it 90degs clockwise/counter clockwise) as it would allow the ability to put tabs on the side of something rather than just the top and bottom and still have it look good.