Trunk Frozen for Mozilla 1.3 Alpha

Wednesday December 4th, 2002

The main development tree was closed at 12:01:09 PST this morning in preparation for the release of Mozilla 1.3 Alpha. The freeze will remain in effect until 1.3 Alpha is released, when the trunk will reopen for checkins for 1.3 Beta. The ideal release date for 1.3 Alpha is Friday but remember that this date is not set in stone. For more information, see the Roadmap.

#25 Annoyances in MailNews

by Tar

Thursday December 5th, 2002 6:43 AM

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For me bug "75866 - Viewing message for very short time shouldn't mark it as read" is the biggest annoyance in Mozilla MailNews, but still I've moved to Moz MN from OE and I'm prepared to suffer for a while :/ <>