Mozilla 1.2.1 Released

Monday December 2nd, 2002 today released Mozilla 1.2.1, an updated version of Mozilla 1.2. The 1.2 release contained a bug that caused DHTML and other layout problems when dynamically writing into a dynamically created element. The 1.2.1 release fixes this bug.

Builds are available from's web site or FTP site. More information can be found in the Release Notes.

#61 Re: Blows away Palm Desktop on Windows!!!!

by slawrance

Wednesday December 4th, 2002 11:59 PM

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I ran the 1.2 installation directly on top of a Mozilla 1.1 installation and Palm Desktop 4.0 seems to still work for me. It was running at the time that I did the upgrade, if that makes any difference. Later, I ran the installer for Mozilla 1.1 on top of the 1.2 installation to downgrade, and later that day, I ran the installation for Mozilla 1.2.1 when it was available on top of my Mozilla 1.1 installation. Palm Desktop 4.0 continued to work without a hitch, and I have rebooted once, too.

But it's good to see, from reading the other replies, that the problem has been narrowed down so that it can be corrected. I just wanted to make myself a "success" data point because I did the same upgrade, more-or-less. I'm running Windows XP Pro at work.