Mozilla 1.2.1 Released

Monday December 2nd, 2002 today released Mozilla 1.2.1, an updated version of Mozilla 1.2. The 1.2 release contained a bug that caused DHTML and other layout problems when dynamically writing into a dynamically created element. The 1.2.1 release fixes this bug.

Builds are available from's web site or FTP site. More information can be found in the Release Notes.

#46 Mozilla incompatible with Zone Alarm

by tushoph <>

Wednesday December 4th, 2002 7:56 AM

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I am attemping to run Mozilla v1.2.1 with Zone Alarm Pro v3.1.395. The good news is that ZA doesn't seem to cause v1.2.1 to freeze and crash like it did with v1.0. The bad news is that there seems to be an incompatiblity with the e-mail quarantine feature on ZA. I was testing for catching Klez preferred extensions and found that with Mozilla the attachments had been caught by ZA and given it's phony extension names, but, clicking on the atachments did not bring up the ZA dialog box that lets you open them. Instead, I only got the Windows "Open with" box. Retransmitting and opening the e-mail with Netscape 4.7 worked correctly. I am wondering if there is an incompatibility with Netscape 7.0, too. Guess that another subject. I have sent this info to Zone labs but I am not sure they even know Mozilla exists.

Frank (<>)