Mozilla 1.2 - Get It While It's Hot!

Tuesday November 26th, 2002 has just released Mozilla 1.2. New to this version (since 1.1) are Type Ahead Find, toolbars as text/icons/both, support for GTK themes on Linux and native style for HTML form controls on Windows XP, multiple tabs as startpage, Link Prefetching, filter after the fact and filter logging in Mail, the ability to sync your addressbook to a Palm device on MS Windows, and much, much more.

Builds are now starting to show up on the ftp servers, and the release notes have been posted. Be sure to check out the updating roadmap, as noted earlier this week.

#91 because mainstream browsers display tooltips

by jilles

Thursday November 28th, 2002 4:43 AM

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>You just pulled it out of your hat? fact: internet explorer & netscape 4.x display alt attributes as tooltips. It's not optional, they do it like this and have been doing so for years. fact: most websites are not standards compliant. Sad but true. fact: the combined marketshare of netscape 4.x and IE is still upwards of 95%. fact: the intended behavior of a non standard page is very likely to be whatever IE or netscape 4.x (or whatever the developer tested with) does with it. fact: mozilla has a small marketshare and deviates from this behavior for non standard pages. This is why mozilla has a quirks mode. This is why mozilla provides implementation for the marquee tag. IMNSHO this is also why mozilla should always display alt attributes as tooltips for non standard pages.

> I was using alternate text because it seemed to make sense to offer that information to those of my friends on text browsers or on browsers with image loading turned off.

Don't project your own rather untypical browsing (no offense but I don't recall text based browsers ever having any significant market share) behavior on the web user community. Besides, displaying alt attributes as tooltips in these rare cases cannot possibly be worse than not displaying them in the majority of cases where this was in fact the intended behavior. I fail to see why it would be in any way harmful to do so.