Mozilla 1.2 - Get It While It's Hot!

Tuesday November 26th, 2002 has just released Mozilla 1.2. New to this version (since 1.1) are Type Ahead Find, toolbars as text/icons/both, support for GTK themes on Linux and native style for HTML form controls on Windows XP, multiple tabs as startpage, Link Prefetching, filter after the fact and filter logging in Mail, the ability to sync your addressbook to a Palm device on MS Windows, and much, much more.

Builds are now starting to show up on the ftp servers, and the release notes have been posted. Be sure to check out the updating roadmap, as noted earlier this week.

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by asa <>

Wednesday November 27th, 2002 11:59 PM

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You've explained it fine. I spent a few days earlier in the year trying to work out a mechanism that would make this a lot easier; a seed group that would get early access to the builds to get it propigating around the P2P network and make swarm downloads a reasonable alternative to the ftp site. I think that it would take a rather large group of people to really see this get enough momentum to be worth it. I think it's a very interesting idea and I may put some more time into thinking about it and even possibly trying to formalize an effort at It could be a real strong alternative to the ftp mirroring system and would be good for both Mozilla and for file sharing. For Mozilla it would help in distributing the load needed for a big release and for P2P file sharing it would lend some credibility to that community. "See, we're sharing legitimate content!". I think that open source software distributed over P2P networks (preferably the ones based on open standards) is a great match.