Mozilla 1.2 - Get It While It's Hot!

Tuesday November 26th, 2002 has just released Mozilla 1.2. New to this version (since 1.1) are Type Ahead Find, toolbars as text/icons/both, support for GTK themes on Linux and native style for HTML form controls on Windows XP, multiple tabs as startpage, Link Prefetching, filter after the fact and filter logging in Mail, the ability to sync your addressbook to a Palm device on MS Windows, and much, much more.

Builds are now starting to show up on the ftp servers, and the release notes have been posted. Be sure to check out the updating roadmap, as noted earlier this week.

#82 Re: Re: showing ALT as tooltip

by asa <>

Wednesday November 27th, 2002 11:46 PM

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>>If there is no doctype, displaying the alt attribute as a tooltip very likely is the intended behavior since the developer did not bother complying to any standard;

How do you know that was the intent. Maybe the author put the alt information there for people don't display images and want an alternate text. You don't know that the author wanted a potentially really annoying tooltip popping up all over his page whenever someone moves the pointer around. It's very possible the author specifically didn't want the tooltip but wasn't willing to sacrifice readability for people not displaying images so he grudgingly accepted the tooltip that IE associated with his alt text. You don't know. This has nothing to do with standards mode or quirks mode. You have no way of divining the author's intent.

>>the only reason a developer that does not care for standards would bother to add an alt attribute is to get the frickin tooltip to display.

Well, you've got the facts and here I am with guesses and my own personal experience. Nice to see that we've got people around here with such good information. And I didn't even know that a study existed which had determined the precise reason that every developer uses the alt attribute. Glad you were willing to share such prized knowledge with us. Oh, wait, even though you stated it as if it was a fact you didn't have anything to back it up? You just pulled it out of your hat? Oh. OK. Nevermind, then, about that thing I said about good information.

Did it ever occurr to you that some web developers figured out that alternate text would display when users weren't displaying images and decided that they wanted to provide that to users; that you don't have to be a standards zealot to take advantages of the standards appropriately? Before I ever knew there was a w3c I was writing web pages for my friends that shared a musical interest with me. I was using alternate text because it seemed to make sense to offer that information to those of my friends on text browsers or on browsers with image loading turned off. I don't think I'd have been bothered by a tooltip showing up but for you to suggest that that is the "only reason" an author would use alternate text is plain rediculous.