Mozilla 1.2 - Get It While It's Hot!

Tuesday November 26th, 2002 has just released Mozilla 1.2. New to this version (since 1.1) are Type Ahead Find, toolbars as text/icons/both, support for GTK themes on Linux and native style for HTML form controls on Windows XP, multiple tabs as startpage, Link Prefetching, filter after the fact and filter logging in Mail, the ability to sync your addressbook to a Palm device on MS Windows, and much, much more.

Builds are now starting to show up on the ftp servers, and the release notes have been posted. Be sure to check out the updating roadmap, as noted earlier this week.

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by fbl

Wednesday November 27th, 2002 4:17 AM

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It took me a little bit of effort to get it installed on top of the 1.1. First I tried just to install it on top of 1.1, but then it would not start the mail, the bookmarks did not work, the skins did not work ..

Then I did an uninstall, copied the mail box files to another location, deleted all the old files, and installed it cleanly. Imported the bookmarks, copied in the mail files, and finally it worked perfectly.

Aside from the install, it still is (one of ) the best applications around. And even the cathedral builders in the dark ages used to put in at least one deliberate mistake in the buildings, just not to tempt faith.

It inspires me to see that open source applications can get to this level of quality and usability. A huge job, perfectly done ..