Mozilla 1.2 - Get It While It's Hot!

Tuesday November 26th, 2002 has just released Mozilla 1.2. New to this version (since 1.1) are Type Ahead Find, toolbars as text/icons/both, support for GTK themes on Linux and native style for HTML form controls on Windows XP, multiple tabs as startpage, Link Prefetching, filter after the fact and filter logging in Mail, the ability to sync your addressbook to a Palm device on MS Windows, and much, much more.

Builds are now starting to show up on the ftp servers, and the release notes have been posted. Be sure to check out the updating roadmap, as noted earlier this week.

#108 Re: Why do we need TITLE for IMG?

by jgraham

Thursday November 28th, 2002 1:40 PM

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You've missed the point of alt. Say you have an image in text like your example with alt="picture". Say it was an iconic picture of a cloud for a weather page. Then with alt text displayed inline (as is the intention - it should replace the *content* of the image, rather than just say 'there's an image missing here') You would get something like: Tuesday:picture If you put alt=" cloudy" you'd get: Tuesday: Cloudy If on the other hand you were going to put cloudy anyway like: Tuesday: {picture} Cloudy Then appropriate alt text would be "", since the image did not convey any addtional information. In this particular case title and alt might be similar, but title could equally be "weather symbol", which would then be displayed as a tooltip (in both Mozilla and IE I believe). This wasn't a great example I admit, but I hope you get the idea. Also clear_dot.gif for layout is depreciated: the correct method is to use CSS for layout, so that your page doesn't get munged by text only browsers (no tables) or people who don't display images. Did you say you were making a site *about* section 508 compliance...?