Roadmap Graphic Updated

Tuesday November 26th, 2002

Paul4Christ writes: "New Roadmap! See the projection all the way up to Mozilla 1.5."

#13 1.0 branch

by cknoll

Wednesday November 27th, 2002 9:09 AM

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As true as that may be about the 1.2b vs the 1.0, I would hope that the 1.2 branch when it is released has all the features and functionality of the 1.0 branch PLUS any new 1.2 enhancements. If it doesn't there's something seriously wrong here. The only thing i can think of for keeping an old branch around is that if something radically changes between versions that introduces incompatable behavior between versions. If not, the next branch should take the place of the current branch, eliminating the need to constantly update the other versions if a fix is found....Are you to tell me that at 1.9 we'll have 9 branches + any 1.0.x branches that will need to be updated in the event something gets fixed for 1.9.1?? That's insane! When the next version comes out, it should make the previous one obselete and, therefore, not supported...make users keep their stuff up to date....need a bugfix? get the latest version, not a patched previous version.