Macworld Browser Comparison Features Mozilla, Chimera and Netscape

Saturday November 23rd, 2002

Bjarne D Mathiesen writes: "Macworld has published an online article comparing the different browsers available for Mac OS X. Frankly — in my opinion — they haven't done a very good job in discovering all of the features in Mozilla. The author mentions some third-party programs for blocking ads etc. but there's no mention of mozdev; and quote: 'But Netscape adds extra features such as an e-mail client, a chat interface' — then how about Mozilla? There's no mention of the Mozilla offerings in this regard. Then there's a mention of the built-in HTML validator in iCab (almost the only thing that does work) that is praised as handy for webdesigners, but no mention at all of the Mozilla Composer — I suppose that isn't handy?"

There's also several other errors. The author seems to be unaware that Netscape 7.0 includes tabbed browsing and implies that only Chimera (referred to throughout the article as Navigator) features pop-up blocking. There is some good news though: the article concludes that Gecko-based browsers could "mount a credible challenge to IE's dominance" and that Chimera's "speed and rendering fidelity make it the OS X browser to watch."

#9 no dumb name at all !

by Xandrex <>

Sunday November 24th, 2002 5:57 AM

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