Favourite Phoenix Theme: And the Winner is...

Friday November 22nd, 2002

For our last poll, we asked you to name your favourite Phoenix theme. 1,431 of you voted with Orbit 3+1 coming out on top with 21% of the vote. Next up was the minimalist Pinball theme with 16%. The default Classic theme received an 11% share, just ahead of Qute with 10%. Orbit Blue attracted 7% and the Windows XP-inspired Luna theme managed 5%. Blue Streak finished last with 3% of the vote. 7% of you prefer some other theme, while 16% of you want to know if it's possible to theme telnet to port 80. If anyone is familiar with any skinnable telnet clients, let us know.

Since we started this poll, many new Phoenix themes have become available. Check out the mozdev Themes project and Phoenix Help for links.

For our next poll, we're turning to Mail & Newsgroups. Recently, a lot of enhancements have been made in this area and we'd like to know which one you like the best. Options include Bayesian spam classification, message views, newsgroup filters, filters that perform multiple actions, the ability to run filters after the fact, filtering by 'Sender is in my address book' and support for the OR operator in the Search Bar. Go vote for your favourite and keep a watch on the latest results.

#11 Tell me more...

by wtanksley

Monday November 25th, 2002 10:38 AM

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What do you mean? Are you suggesting that Mozilla would try to predict what links you're likely to follow, and highlight (or even pre-download) them?

Or are you suggesting that Mozilla could look through a bookmark folder and produce a summary of the contents for you??

I'm not sure what Bayesian analysis would be useful for in the context of webpages...