Spell Checker for 1.2 and Trunk Builds

Monday November 18th, 2002

Jedbro writes in with news that a Windows spell checker XPI is available for Mozilla 1.2 and recent trunk builds. Spell checkers for various other versions and platforms are available from several places, including mozdev and mozU. You can track the integration of a spell checker into the regular Mozilla builds by following bug 56301 but please don't add any more "me too" comments — there's enough already!

#4 Re: Re: hope it works better than the old spellche

by ndebord

Tuesday November 19th, 2002 12:34 PM

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Glad to hear it. I was more than pleased to find that the Netscape spellchecker worked, when the Mozilla one didn't (with Mozilla v1.1).

Since we are so close to the release of Mozilla v1.2, I will hold off until the official release. Partly because I sysop over in CompuServe's Netscape/Mozilla Forum and we don't upload beta releases there and don't offer support to them. We are waiiting with bated breath for v1.2 though and have to say we are quite happy to date!