It Has Begun!

Friday December 4th, 1998

The time has come for Netscape Corporate to get involved in the foreground of what we like to call NGLayout or NGT or whatever. Welcome 'Gecko' to the array of names for Communicator 5.0 components. According to a page on, Gecko is now the name for the layout engine that was known as Raptor or NGL.

Along with this new name come binaries for the masses. According to a article, Netscape on Monday will start promoting 'Developer Builds' (initially for Win32 only) for all who want to play with them. What does this mean for people who have been here since March or so? Time will tell...

Links Galore:
Gecko Overview
Gecko FAQ
Gecko Release Notes
Gecko Demos

One quick secret...the builds will be essentially the same that are offered on our fetchBuilds page from, and they are available NOW! Cool stuff!

Update! We were incorrect about the developer build. It turns out that this will be a special build that will have some tweaks and a cleaned up interface, and has been under development by a group at Netscape for a while now. The builds should be on Netscape's FTP server in about a week. Also, if you attended the showcase, and got your hands on Gecko, drop us a note!

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by Jason (MZ Admin) <>

Monday December 7th, 1998 11:26 PM

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It should be out next week, as you can see here - <> - the pages are slowly being posted, as seen in the main story links above. The developer builds are going to be polished for the end user, and will be slightly different from nightly builds, in that things will be gone over with a fine tooth comb for any impending PR disaster and the menus should be cleaner. Much of the non working fun test stuff will probebly be gone too.

If you attended the event in New Orleans, and got the CD with the build on it, drop us a line here and we will post it for all to see early! Thanks!

P.S. Its 1:30 in the morning, forgive me for the grammar or spelling! :P