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Thursday November 14th, 2002

Christopher Blizzard has posted a newsgroup message about the status of Mozilla 1.2. In short, it will be released soon. You can track the bugs that consider important to 1.2 by following bug 174647.

#10 I think so, what do you think?

by leier12

Sunday November 17th, 2002 9:51 PM

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Well, what I do after I use the Mozilla uninstaller is to do a "search" find files in Windows and type MOZILLA. I get 4-6 files, two folders a Mozilla.dll file and so on after I do the search and I delete the files, then try and reinstall, so I should be installing fresh. Do you know of any Mozilla files that get "left over" that I should search for and delete? Other than ones that would be in Mozilla folders?