Junk Mail Classification Turned On in Trunk Builds

Wednesday November 13th, 2002

In a posting to netscape.public.mozilla.mail-news, Dan Mosedale writes, "At the end of last week, I checked in code to turn on basic junk mail classification features in the trunk build. There's still lots of work left to do, but it's in a state where folks should feel free to start playing with it, and filing bugs in Bugzilla. See for a short introduction to how it works, as well as credits (getting this up and running has been very much a group effort)."

#3 I absolutely agree

by johann_p

Thursday November 14th, 2002 1:14 AM

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There should be an interface to allow users to portably export and import pretrained classifiers. It should be possible to either reset the classifier and completely reinitialize with the regrained model or incrementally add imported models to the one already present (which is very easy to do with a naive bayes classifier)