Introduction to the XUL Runtime Environment

Thursday November 7th, 2002

Aaron Andersen of XulPlanet has written an introduction to the XUL Runtime Environment (XRE).

#3 Two Cents

by sjbrown

Friday November 8th, 2002 11:40 AM

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The big stumbling block for XUL applications is the learning curve, IMHO. Doing GUI in XML is an idea whose time has come, but XUL just can't compete in the learning curve arena with Glade.

For instance, here is a hello world app using libglade: from gtk import * from libglade import *

widgetTree = GladeXML("") signalDict = { "on_window1_destroy" : mainquit } widgetTree.signal_autoconnect (signalDict) mainloop ()

And here's one using XUL: <…/3/137/2000/10/0/4572822/>