MozillaNews Launches Bonsai Watch

Thursday November 7th, 2002

laszlo writes: "MozillaNews has added an interesting feature called Bonsai Watch, giving a condensed view of the daily checkins to the Mozilla tree. Since Asa's build comments are gone, it has never been easier to find out what has been fixed recently."

For more information, refer to MozillaNews' article. Bonsai Watch is essentially an alternative view of the data accessible from the Today's Checkins link on the MozillaZine front page, but concentrating on bugs fixed rather than files checked in. The data comes from Bonsai, Mozilla's tree control tool, where you can perform your own CVS queries.

#4 Beaten to it...

by rwall

Sunday November 10th, 2002 1:43 PM

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...I was about to announce a similar feature on my pages, <> It's not quite as comprehensive as the MozillaNews version though (I have little interest in most of the bug columns and therefore show just the summaries of bugs grouped by component).

I originally put this together after Asa announced he was giving up the Build Bar but I was too busy working to add the necessary polish. It is available now though if anyone is interested :-) (I've grown attached to it and it is included in my morning group of tabs to browse - so it will continue to be updated).