Introduction to the DOM Inspector

Wednesday November 6th, 2002

Ian Oeschger has written an introduction to the DOM Inspector, the Mozilla tool for examining and editing the DOM of a webpage or XUL application. This isn't the first DOM Inspector tutorial; grayrest wrote a beginner's guide in June.

#8 Re: Shortcut doesn't work [SOLUTION]

by glo__worm

Saturday November 9th, 2002 5:00 PM

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hi, i think i have a way to disable Trillian's interception of the Ctrl+Shift+I event, and thereby allow it to work again for the DOM Inspector (and probably Photoshop too, for WillyWonka ;)..

shut down Trillian if it is running, and open this file for editing:


(or under the appropriate user, if not 'default'). then, delete the XML tag that is labeled:

EventItem type="Hotkey: Ctrl-Shift-I"

(you may be able to simply set the 'enabled' attribute to 0, alternatively)

then save the file and restart Trillian. this procedure seems to successfully deactivate the Ctrl+Shift+I keybinding for Trillian, freeing it up again for Mozilla. it appears that it does not get regenerated upon restarting Trillian, either, which is nice..