Newsgroup Filtering Coming to a Mozilla Near You

Wednesday November 6th, 2002

Slater writes: "News filters coming to a Mozilla near you! The ability to filter Usenet news messages according to user-defined settings is about to land (the bug itself has been marked FIXED). Soon you'll be able to filter all the Jenny Craigs and JTKs of the world! Woohoo! The bug is bug 17483. Happy Happy, Joy Joy!" Once again, a pretty screenshot is available.

#14 Re: Why not fix existing Moz problems first???

by leafdigital

Thursday November 7th, 2002 3:29 AM

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Eh, this is another one of those questions that comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of the way software projects work, along with a second misunderstanding (that your own priorities are the same as everyone's priorities).

I mean, if everybody's priorities were the same as mine, then being able to right-click and delete items from the bookmark menu would have been done years back. It hasn't been done. There are lots of other people who'd like that feature, it's hardly an obscure one - but there are also lots of people who don't give a shit.

As for the software project misunderstanding, in this case that's primarily about the people involved. It looks to me like Seth Spitzer created this feature; it also looks to me like he's a mailnews developer. That means he can't realistically work on features to do with tabbed browsing, since (a) that would be inefficient as he isn't fully up to speed with all the software issues in that area, and (b) it would be treading on somebody else's toes (maybe the person whose job it IS has an idea for a really nice solution to those issues that covers other things too).

If the tabbed-browsing features are really urgent for you and you really don't think they'll be addressed in the near future, then you might be able to effect change: find somebody who can code in Mozilla and is willing to take freelance assignments. Then pay them to do it; those bugs sound like maybe a few hundred dollars of developer freelance rates to me, although perhaps there's something in there that makes them more complex. If they provide a quality patch then it'll probably get accepted into mozilla; even if it isn't you can still use it on your own build.

Unless you're willing to do that then this is software you're getting for free thanks to the generosity of AOL, a few other large companies, and from some individuals willing to work for nothing. I think it's perfectly reasonable to point out problems with the browser, even though you're getting it for free, but complaining that bugs/limitations which *other people* care about have been fixed is extremely childish. You didn't pay anything for the browser, or contribute in another significant way; nor did those who got their pet bug fixed, and nor did I. What right do you have to criticise somebody else's choice about which freeloaders to satisfy?

I don't use newsreading at all but I'm happy to see this feature included, it looks like a significant one. Well done.