Tree Branches for 1.2

Tuesday November 5th, 2002

The main Mozilla development tree has branched for 1.2 Final. The trunk is now open to checkins for 1.3 Alpha. Checkins to the 1.2 branch will remain controlled by See bug 174647 to track the bugs that drivers consider important to the success of Mozilla 1.2. You can check the latest status of both the branch and trunk by using tinderbox. As always, refer to the Roadmap for the lowdown on's release plans.

#7 Parallel development of multiple product versions

by tepples <>

Thursday November 7th, 2002 6:36 PM

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> what we have are parallel development teams splitting resources, duplicating functionality.

Is that always a bad thing? It's not uncommon in software firms to have separate teams working on different versions of a product. For instance, while IE 3 was in development, Microsoft had teams already working on IE 4 and IE 5. I see Phoenix, Thunderbird, and the like as forming the foundation for a push toward Mozilla 2.0.