Tree Branches for 1.2

Tuesday November 5th, 2002

The main Mozilla development tree has branched for 1.2 Final. The trunk is now open to checkins for 1.3 Alpha. Checkins to the 1.2 branch will remain controlled by See bug 174647 to track the bugs that drivers consider important to the success of Mozilla 1.2. You can check the latest status of both the branch and trunk by using tinderbox. As always, refer to the Roadmap for the lowdown on's release plans.

#2 Let 1000 browsers bloom

by johann_p

Wednesday November 6th, 2002 7:18 AM

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I do not have a problem with the fact that the architecture of mozilla makes it easy to develop "custom" browsers. I prefer Mozilla too, and I sure would like everybody to invest their time in making Mozilla better than writing yet another browser. But: I dont pay them, so they are free to invest their time in whatever they prefer. And, maybe even more importantly: other browsers often come intoexistence because developers want to do things differently than in Mozilla. Since I like most (NOT all :) ) of what has been done in Mozilla, I would not WANT these people to throw away feature to clean up the interface and things like that. And they probably would not have wanted to do it the Mozilla-way. I am happy to see them do it with their own software and if they come up with something that is worth backporting to Mozilla from the Mozilla's perspective, even better. And if they come up with a browser that in the end is even better than Mozilla in some situations - even more better. So the bottomline is: good to have a choice, better to have a bigger choice.