101 Things Mozilla Can Do That IE Can't

Tuesday November 5th, 2002

Rob Hudson writes: "Found this interesting list of 101 things (some more obscure than others) that Mozilla can do that IE can't." The list, by Neil Deakin of XulPlanet, has been doing the rounds for a few days now and is currently ranked in second place on Blogdex.

UPDATE! The list has now been featured on both Slashdot and CNET

#9 Erm.

by leafdigital

Wednesday November 6th, 2002 4:06 AM

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"Prevents running of executables directly" isn't something Mozilla can do that IE can't. It's something (conveniently running executables) that you *can't* do in Mozilla but you *can* do in IE.

(Yes, I want this feature. Preventing you from running .exe files is awful UI design and doesn't significantly increase security. Having downloaded the file you're clearly going to run the bugger anyway.)

Other than that (and a few other things IE does actually have, plus some I'm doubtful about - is IE really available in fewer languages? I thought Windows was probably available in quite a lot of languages) it's a pretty decent list. I'd be interested to see what IE proponents can come up with in response, and how convincing their list is in relation.